Big Appliances

  1. It is a program managed by Lex Services, Inc. in cooperation with the appliance dealers, whereby the customers who bought an eligible appliance can buy a warranty extension contract for said appliance which will extend its warranty for additional years. The cover of the warranty extension is the same as the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. The audio-video lines can be extended to one or two more years, while the white lines can be extended up to three years.
  3. No, there are selected products and brands that are eligible for the program.
  4. Who repairs the unit? It is better to call either the warranty extension hotline number (+632 628-8800) or the toll free number (1-800-10-927-2689) from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.You will be instructed which service center to bring your unit to or arrange a home visit of the technician (only for big appliances). The repairers are the same service centers authorized by the brands.
  5. No. Lex Services will take care of everything.
  6. No. Only appliance breakdowns are covered. Cleaning and other maintenance requirements are not covered by the warranty extension contract.
  7. Yes, however, for home visits, it should be within the 25km-radius in distance, if not, a transport fee and repairers expense shall be charged to the customer. This is the same as the manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. No.
  9. The unit will no longer be covered under the warranty extension contract as this is a specific exclusion. 
  10. No, it will still be covered. Warranty extension is transferable. The original owner just has to call hotline to inform us of the change in ownership.
  11. Failure of the unit caused by inherently defective parts or components, manufacturer’s workmanship and failure of parts during normal use.
  12. Yes, however, only in cases when the unit is beyond economic repair (repairs that would cost more than a brand new unit) or when the unit becomes irreparable as determined by Lex Services
  13. Yes, the offer is only good at the point of purchase within 30 days.
  14. No
  15. The Warranty extension contract
  16. It depends if the branch manager would approve it.
  17. The contract needs to be adjusted by the branch manager by replacing the information with that of the replaced unit, the said contract needs to be faxed or a copy be sent to Lex Services as signed by the branch manager and customer. In this case, please call the hotline.

Small Appliances

  1. The Dealer, through its small appliance replacement plan administrator, Lex Services, Inc., agrees to provide for a one-time replacement of the covered product if found defective during the term of one (1) year from expiration of the manufacturer’s original written warranty. The manufacturer’s original warranty expires one year from the date of purchase as indicated on the original sales invoice. All provisions of the original manufacturer’s warranty apply. The original sales invoice, original manufacturer’s warranty and this original replacement plan certificate are integral parts of this plan.

    The term “small appliance” shall be limited to the appliances listed in the official Small Appliance Replacement Plan Pricelist of the Dealer. It is understood that any replacement product to be issued or given to the Customer is not included or covered by this Small Appliance Replacement Plan Certificate, and such replacement product is not eligible for a new replacement plan.

  2. When replacement is needed after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, the Customer should contact the hotline at (+632) 628-8800 or the toll-free number 1-800-10-WARANTY(9272689) for instructions regarding replacement. It is the Customer’s obligation and risk to deliver the covered product to the Dealer’s Branch where the item was purchased, along with this Replacement Plan Certificate and the Customer’s sales invoice. If the product is covered under this plan, the Dealer, at its option, will issue a replacement product of like kind and quality, with value not exceeding the actual cash value stated on the invoice of the covered product. This Replacement Plan covers replacement of the specified covered item only. It does not cover the new replacement product. The replaced product becomes the property of Lex Services, Inc.


  3. All exclusions as described in the original manufacturer’s warranty for the covered item apply. This includes, but is not limited to: defective power cords, failure due to the inability to operate or adjust controls; failure caused by conditions other than mechanical or electrical failure; damage caused by accidents, abuse, neglect, misuse, lack of normally required maintenance; batteries; the introduction of dirt or foreign objects into the covered product; or damage resulting from any commercial use of covered item; damage caused by theft, fire, power surges, acts of God; repairing, refinishing, or replacing of lost or damaged external cosmetic parts such as, but not limited to, knobs, buttons, levers, lids and accessories.

    Furthermore, a product or brand is non-eligible if it is not included in the official Small Appliance Replacement Plan Pricelist of the Dealer where the product/model was purchased.


  4. CUSTOMER’S MAXIMUM ENTITLEMENT SHALL IN NO EVENT EXCEED THE ACTUAL CASH VALUE STATED ON THE INVOICE OF THE COVERED PRODUCT. Neither the Dealer nor Lex Services, Inc. shall in any event be liable to person or property for any damages, incidental, contingent, special or consequential arising out of any delay in fulfilling the plan or the use of or inability to use any equipment, or for any claim by any other party. THIS IS A REPLACEMENT PLAN, IF ANY PRODUCT IS NOT IN GOOD WORKING ORDER DUE TO MECHANICAL AND/OR ELECTRICAL DEFECTS, THE CUSTOMER’S SOLE REMEDY SHALL BE REPLACEMENT.

  5. A Customer shall be entitled to a full refund in the event that this Replacement Plan is cancelled within thirty (30) days from purchase date, provided no claim has been made yet. Cancellations after said period may be effected with the imposition of a service charge of fifty percent (50%) of the amount paid for this Replacement Plan as indicated on the Sales Invoice issued by the Dealer.

    Return this Replacement Plan Certificate and Sales Receipt to the Dealer to obtain a refund. No refund shall be given once the Replacement Plan period commences.

  6. This Replacement Plan may be transferred to a new owner of the covered Product as long as the transfer arrangement shall be coordinated through the Lex Services, Inc. hotline (+632) 628-8800 within 15 days from the transfer. This Replacement Plan may not be transferred to another item.


  1. Gadget warranty extension basically covers mobile phones and tablets. We extends, for a period of 1 year, the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer for parts and labor as indicated in manufacturer’s original warranty document.
    • breakdown or defect
    • speaker fails
    • no power
    • screen blackout
    • keypad failure
    • non-responsive screen
    • mic fails
    • FREE Accidental damage cover / accidental dropping for 3 MONTHS from the date of purchase of unit.
    • EXCLUSION: software, accessories, misuse, battery, cosmetics, scratches, dents
  2. GADGET Extended Warranty is available for MOBILE PHONES and TABLETS only. Covered Brands are the following:
    • Alcatel
    • Asus
    • Blackberry
    • HTC
    • HUAWEI
    • Lenovo
    • Nokia
    • LG
    • SONY
    • Brand New phones (not more the 30 days)
      • If the gadget is more than 30 days you can still avail the warranty extension, but please be reminded that the FREE accidental damage for the first 3 months still starts on the date of purchase.
      • Fully functioning (no scratches/dents)
      • Included in our list of eligible brands(refer to Question No.3)

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