1. This Extended Warranty extends the coverage provided by the manufacturer for parts and labor for a period as indicated on this document. In the event of a breakdown of the Product during the extension period, the Dealer, through its warranty extension program administrator, Lex Services, Inc., shall arrange for an authorized service center to repair and/or replace any part which may be found defective and is part of the cover of the original manufacturer's warranty. “Product” shall be defined as the appliance, mobile phone, tablet or gadget purchased by you, excluding the accessories and batteries. “Breakdown’ shall be defined as failure of the covered part or components to work as it was designed to work under normal usage. Only if the manufacturer’s warranty covers on-site service charges shall Lex Services, Inc. cover on-site service. The total coverage of this contract shall not exceed the amount you paid for the Product as indicated in the Sales Invoice issued by the Dealer.
  2. Only Product purchased new and manufactured for use in the Philippines, which at the time of purchase included the manufacturer’s complete warranty valid in the Philippines and included in the warranty extension price list of the Dealer, shall be eligible. All eligible Product shall be for personal & household use only, except as otherwise allowed under B.2 below.
    1. For this purpose, “personal & household use only” shall mean any use within the residential premises of the purchaser of the Product (“owner”), and/or for the use of his/her family members and/or servant(s), and shall exclude use for any purpose other than for which the Product was intended; use by any person or common use by multiple users other than the owner’s family members and/or servants; use outside the premises of the owner’s residence or any form of outdoor use unless the Product is specifically designed for such; use for business purposes such as but not limited to office, warehouse, clinic, government use and the like; and any form of use for income and/or lease;
    2. Refrigerators, Microwave ovens, air conditioners, mobile phones, tablets or gadgets purchased purely for office use only may be eligible for Extended Warranty for a warranty extension period of one (1) year only. “Office use” shall mean any form, means or methods of use of the Product by employees, employer, and/or other office personnel of the owner, and shall not include any form of use outside the office premises of the owner, or use for purpose other than for which the Product was intended, or any form of use for income and/or lease, or any form of common use of multiple users other than the employees, employer and/or other office personnel. Certificate or Flyer containing the Terms and Conditions of Extended Warranty is not valid proof of coverage unless the Sales Invoice issued by the Dealer indicates the inclusion of Extended Warranty in the purchase of the Product.
    1. In case of breakdown during the warranty extension period, contact the hotline at 628-8800 or the toll-free number 1-800-10-WARANTY(9272689). Lex Services, Inc. shall immediately coordinate with the nearest authorized service center. Only authorized service centers shall be allowed to perform the check-up & repairs/replacement. Repairs /replacement made by unauthorized service personnel or shops shall be considered “Tampered” and the cost of repair/replacement shall not be reimbursed to the customer. Also, in this case, this contract shall then be considered terminated automatically.
    2. Prior to commencement of any repair and/or replacement due to breakdown of the eligible Product, the Authorized Service Center must first obtain approval from Lex Services, Inc. No reimbursement or payment shall be given for non-compliance with this condition. Only those parts and labor charges indicated in the quotation or estimate shall be paid.
    3. Lex Services, Inc. has the sole right to determine whether a breakdown will be remedied by repair or replacement. At its option, Lex Services, Inc. will either (i) cause the repair of the Product using new or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (ii) cause the replacement of the Product with one that is at least functionally equivalent to the defective Product and is formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability. In case of replacement, the cost of the replacement Product shall not exceed your original purchase amount of the defective Product. If the Product has been repaired during the Extended Warranty period and a replacement shall be implemented, the reimbursement shall not exceed the original purchase amount of the defective Product less the amount paid for the repairs already done during the Extended Warranty period. In the event of replacement, the defective Product shall be surrendered to LEX Services, Inc. before replacement or release of cash settlement. The cost of bringing the defective Product to Lex or any office it shall designate shall be for the account of the customer.
    4. If the spare part is not available from stocks held in the Philippines, the company may pay the amount of such part but the amount paid shall be limited to:
        1. the price quoted in the latest catalogue or price list issued by the manufacturer or his agents in the Philippines.
        2. if no such catalogue or price list exists, the price last obtained from the manufacturer plus the reasonable cost of transport other than by air to the Philippines, and the amount of the relative import duty, and:
      1. the reasonable cost of fitting such part.
    5. If the customer, prior to the expiry of the Extended Warranty period, is able to purchase the spare part after a settlement is made under item 4 above, he should immediately arrange for an authorized service center to install the spare part. Repair/part replacement made by unauthorized service personnel or shop shall be considered “Tampered”. In such case, this Extended Warranty is automatically terminated.
  3. This Extended warranty may be transferred to a new owner of the covered Product as long as the transfer arrangement shall be coordinated through the Lex Services, Inc. hotline 628-8800 within 15 days from the transfer.
    1. Breakdown of general & specific parts during the original manufacturer’s warranty period (regardless of whether or not the manufacturer honors such warranty).
    2. Non-eligible product or model or brand. A product or model or brand is non-eligible if is not included in the Warranty Extension Price List of the store where said Product was purchased.
    3. All parts and defects and other damages not covered in the original manufacturer’s warranty.
    4. All accessories and consumables, whether included in the Product sales package or purchased separately, including but not limited to headsets, earphones, batteries, SIM cards, battery charger, antenna, data storage devices, external wirings and cablings, racks, bins, jacks, remote control, filters, bulbs including refrigerator and oven bulbs.
    5. Appearance or structural items such as but not limited to housing, case or frame, door, base assembly, decorative parts, external hose/s, knobs and handles.
    6. Product with removed/tampered/defaced/altered/illegible serial numbers, IMEI number, warranty seal, water indicator.
    7. Breakdown due to:
      1. deterioration of the Product or defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to normal aging of the Product
      2. misuse or use not in accordance with the user manual
      3. abuse, rough handling
      4. exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or a rapid change in such conditions
      5. spilled liquid or water damage or spilled food or spilled chemical
      6. acts of nature, including but not limited to flood, rainwater, lightning, any fire, and earthquake
      7. accident or any other fortuitous event, Acts of God, fire and lightning, collision with any object, contact with foreign substance such as but not limited to liquids, powders, gels and chemicals.
      8. Specifically for mobile phones, tablets and gadgets, breakdown due to accidental damage shall not be covered except when such accidental damage occurred during the first three (3) months from the date of purchase of the Product. Accidental Damage is defined as damage that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected and non- deliberate external action which resulted to a loss of function. For the purpose of the three (3) month coverage, water damage and damages caused by acts of nature are not considered as covered accidental damages.
      9. unauthorized modifications or connections
      10. short-circuited battery, or by the fact that the seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering, or by the fact that the battery has been used in equipment other than those for which it has been specified
      11. improper maintenance of source of energy and of the overall electric installation
      12. malfunction caused by external causes, including but not limited to radio interference, power voltage fluctuations, and defective cellular network function
      13. improper connection to other equipment.
      14. corrosion, oxidation, exposure to environmental conditions, sand, dirt, rust, insects, rodents and animals.
    8. Malicious damage and/or theft, or damage on the occasion of theft, robbery, malicious mischief, riot, duel, or any acts attributable to third persons.
    9. Damage caused by improper use of electrical source.
    10. Battery leakages, stains and cracks.
    11. Pre-existing conditions or sold ‘as is, where is”.
    12. Cosmetic damage or physical damage to the surface of the Product including but not limited to cracks, dents, or scratches on the LCD screen or camera lens
    13. Burnt phosphor in CRT.
    14. Software, tape or film damaged by malfunctioning part.
    15. Damage to or due to software or software upgrades.
    16. Upgrade of components (incompatibility of parts or incorrect installation).
    17. Damages in excess of purchase price of the Product (including consequential, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, general or loss of profits or any such damage due to delay in rendering service under this Extended Warranty).
    18. Costs incurred due to loss of use.
    19. Broken or cracked LCD screens and burnt phosphor in CRT.
    20. There shall only be one time replacement for Optical lens, DVD loader, MPEG board, Electronic control board, lens filter, fuses, lamps or bulbs in projection TVs, compressor, motor, evaporator, condenser and tub/base assembly.
    21. Office use or multi-user usage, except as otherwise allowed under item B.2 of this Terms and Conditions, and/or commercial use or any other use which directly generates income due to its usage
    22. Cleaning and preventive maintenance.
    23. Non-adherence to manufacturer’s maintenance requirements.
    24. Product that has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone other than Lex Service, Inc.’s authorized service center, or has been repaired using unauthorized spare parts.
    25. Products bought from abroad or from non-accredited dealers.
    26. Reconditioned or second hand units.
    27. Transport, check up and other related fees incurred for the repair of Product that should be brought to the authorized service center but instead on-site repair is done upon customer’s request.
    28. Transport, check-up and other related fees incurred for the repair of units located outside the minimum distance specified in the original manufacturer’s warranty.
    29. Transport, check up and other related fees for repairs not covered under this Extended Warranty.
    30. Unauthorized installers or installations.
    1. Under no situation shall coverage extend to include any loss of or damage to a person or property directly or indirectly, in consequence of or incidental to, arising from, in connection with or on the occasion of the use of the Product.
    2. Under no situation shall coverage extend to include liability arising out of the use of the Product to the extent that it may be disclaimed by the law.
    3. This Extended Warranty does not cover any defects which are subject to manufacturer’s recall or which are covered under the manufacturer’s program of reimbursement.
    4. This Extended Warranty does not cover loss or damage to the Product while undergoing repair at and while in transit to and from the Authorized Service Center.
    1. Cancellation of this Warranty Extension Service contract shall be allowed with full refund within thirty (30) days from purchase date only, provided no claim has been made yet. Cancellations after said period shall be imposed a service charge of 50% of the amount paid for this Extended Warranty as indicated on the Sales Invoice issued by the Dealer, provided no claim has been made yet.
    2. No refund shall be given once the warranty extension period commences