Summer is finally here! While most of us are thinking about the beach and summer getaways, there is no doubt that we also dream of a relaxing staycation at the comfort of our own home. But are you ready for this high temperature and sticky weather? No worries, because we got a list of the appliances that will help you cool off this summer.


Keeping your cool and comfort this humid season is quite a challenge. No one in the family wants to break out a sweat especially when sleeping at night. When the heat becomes unbearable, a reliable and eco-friendly aircon is your best friend! Get your home summer-ready with this Koppel Split-Type Airconditioner and prolong its life with our extended warranty plans. We bet you like it!


Since food gets spoiled faster during this scorching hot weather, having a functional refrigerator is a need in every household. If you are planning to save money in the long run, getting a new refrigerator like this Samsung Two-Door Refrigerator with an extended warranty is a worthwhile purchase. Why? Because in case it malfunctions after its manufacturer’s warranty, you can get free service, free parts and free labor from LEX Services!


Nothing feels more convenient than getting a cold drink with just one press of a button. There’s no need to go back and forth to the refrigerator to refill water bottles anymore. Stay hydrated all summer long with this American Home Water Dispenser. Oh, did we mention that water dispensers are also included in our extended warranty plans? What a good investment!


This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to survive the heat this season. We all don’t want to worry about the next month’s electric bill, right? Aside from its affordable price, electric fans consume little energy as well. In case you need a new one, you can grab this Asahi Stand Fan that won’t hurt your pocket. And to top it off, you can secure it with our extended warranty service that’s reliable and definitely worth your budget.


Thinking of a better way to quench your thirst this summer? Make a refreshing glass of frozen drink. So is your trusty blender ready to rule the kitchen? Now’s the perfect time to enjoy our country’s tropical fruits and produce. Make way for this Imarflex Blender which will definitely help you get through the heat of summer. Purchase it with our replacement plan to experience #LEXtraCare from us!


You can get these appliances and LEX Services products from any of our partner stores nationwide, such as SM Appliance Center, Magic Appliance Center, Asianic, Anson’s, Mega Saver, Western Appliances, Home Along, and many more. Each unit stated above is subject to availability.

Have a LEXciting summer with LEX Services!